Hannah-Marie Dance Academy.

Dance is like dreaming with your feet..

Some of our recent credits.

'Best Dance School' winners.

TDCI runner up Champions.

Janet Cram Runner up winner from 100's of dancers.

Students becoming Eastenders cast members.

Student featuring in: Ani-Magic go walkies advert.

Starpower Champion titles.

Students modelling for IDS & Prima Dancewear.

Junior Runner up Miss Starpower.

Destination Dance 'Best in Show' award from 700 acts.

Modelling for Simply Stella & Eden Dancewear.

Scholarship winners for Summer Schools to Dance colleges.

Starpower Choreography & Costume awards.

Hosted workshops with: Autumn & Krista Miller & Lisa Ellis.

3 successful dance intensives throughout the year.

ISTD Ballet Awards Finalists.

ISTD Examination Results:

December 2017 Exams:

All dancers receiving distinctions in the Grade 4 Classical Ballet examination. 

Marks between 80-90/100.

March 2017 Exams.

All dancers received very high merits and distinctions for their Classical Ballet, Modern Theatre & Tap exams.

From Primary-Grade 4.

Marks Between 75-90 out of 100.

December 2016 Exams.

All dancers received a Distinction for their Classical Ballet & Tap exams, Grade 3.

Marks between 80-92 out of 100.

March 2016 Exams.

All dancers received a Distinction for their ISTD Classical Ballet & Tap exams, Primary-Grade 2.

Marks between 80 to 87 out of 100.